Children Do Come With A Manual


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We wrote this book as a companion to our book on parenting to; encourage parents and potential parents to daily use the Bible as a manual for the guidance and wisdom required in raising a child into a follower of Christ Jesus and a productive successful adult, as well as our manual for living a full, joyful and productive life while here on this earth in preparation for an eternal life with Him after his return.

A friend of mine told me that in his opinion the Bible is; Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, that has stuck in my mind, and I like that prospective even more as I unpack all of the information the scriptures reveal to me.

Unlike most manuals this one tells us how it all started, what the intent was, what happened to change things from the initial intent, our history of rebellion, and what will have to be done to restore both us and this earth to it’s intended state and purpose.

Like most manuals it is seldom opened until a problem arises and malfunctions occur. This manual is most useful when read on a daily basis and in preparation for all we plan to do instead of after we have done it. As a manual – the Bible is filled with promises from our Creator, guidelines, warnings, and examples to help us become the people we were created to be, it overflows with a historical review of His love, goodness, mercy, sacrifices and forgiveness as well as proofs of his desire to enjoy life long fellowship with us.

This manual is very comprehensive as it covers everything from what to eat to maximize our earthly body function, the importance of both work and rest, the value of a godly woman and the expected behavior of a godly man, what to look for in a mate and what to avoid, who to trust and how to know if you are being deceived. This manual tells us what is expected of us and what we can expect from our creator. I would encourage and challenge everyone to exhaustively explore all that the Bible has to offer.

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